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Build Confidence to stand out in Any Team

Build confidence, create good habits, stay calm during matches, and stay motivated all season long.

10 Things this ebook will teach you:

learn how to:

  1. Become so confident your coach has to play you
    Be the player that has the confidence to take the deciding penalty, make the deciding pass in the last minute, and take the winning shot
  2. Build the right habits (and get rid of bad ones)
    Learn how to quit social media and other bad habits, and replace them with better practice, meditation, training and learning
  3. Learn how to stay calm during matches
    Stay calm during matches to play to your full ability. Make the right decisions despite outside pressure from family, coaches and teammates
  4. Build discipline
    Learn how to stay disciplined even during tough moments and dark times by building habits that lasts
  5. Train more effectively
    With the right mindest you'll be able to train better than your teammates by having more focus, recovering from mistakes and becoming a better player way faster
  6. Learn how to play as good in games as in training
    With the right mentality, mindset and training, you'll have no problem performing in games just like you do in training
  7. Setting Goals
    When you set the right goals, they will help you stay motivated and help you become better and better every single day!
  8. Stay focused for longer
    With extreme focus you'll be able to stand out in both matches and in training by taking quicker and smarter decisions
  9. Stay Consistent over a whole season
    Staying consistent on the pitch starts by being consistent outside the pitch, we'll show you how to build good habits,setting goals and developing the work-ethic to train everyday
  10. Don't let mistakes affect you
    The pros have the ability to forget mistakes in an instant, and this is exactly what we will teach you

And much more...

the 4 Keys to building Your Elite Mentality:

1. Build your Confidence

This is done by changing your beliefs, changing your self-talk and body language, and whilst using visualisation and looking back at past performances.

2. Staying Consistent & Making Progress

For young players today this is a must. You must be able to keep grinding no matter what life trows at you. No matter if you get an injury, get benched or get cut from the team.

3. Improving your Focus and your Concentration

To be able to stay present and focused during your training and games will make you stand out to any coach, any teammate and any scout (A lot of players forget this step).

4. Stay calm under Pressure

This lets you deal with outside pressure from your coach, teammates, scouts, family and opposition and lets you deal with mistakes and recover quickly from them.

Who is this for?

This ebook is for YOU if you are the type of player that want to have the confidence needed to step up for the games' deciding penalty,

the confidence to make the final dribble in the final minute,

the confience to let you play to your full ability,

the calmness during matches to make the right decisions even during stressful matches,

the mentality to make every scout, every coach, and every team turn their head,

have the discipline to train in any condition, in any weather, when everyone else is playing video games...

This eBook is ONLY for players who are serious about going pro,

most players don't think the mental side of the game is important...

but Pro players know...

90% of Elite Athletes have a Very High level of Self-Confidence*

This Elite confidence, comes from training,

Training your mind, training your body language, your self-talk, challenging beliefs,

Not everyone is born with this ability,

But you can't let that stop you from ever becoming confident,

it's all in your hands!

This is the first time players will be able to get access to all the tools needed to create an Elite Mentality,

if you don't take this opportunity, others will, and they will the one who moves up to the higher age groups,

move to the better teams,

Get scouted by top academies,

Get into the starting 11.

If you truly are serious about your career, this is your golden chance to finally build the mentality that will make you 10x better

Who are Train to Elite?

We started @traintoelite 3 years ago to help players from all around the world go pro.

We wanted to help players find the confidence to play to their full ability. We have been teaching players about the importance of recovery, believing in yourself, sleep, staying calm during matches and so much more!

The response has been amazing and we have now grown to a community of more than 110,000 across all platforms!

That's 110,000 players on their way to going pro!

Here's just a small sample of the feedback we've gotten from social media:

Are You ready to make the switch?

switch to football mentality with emojis

Are you ready to completely transform your mentality.

Quit the scrolling, start focusing on making your dream a reality,

When everyone else is scrolling through TikTok, looking for the next Ronaldo-quote that will give them that quick spike of dopamine, are you ready to take the lonely road?

Are you ready to go dark for the next 6 months, focusing on building your mentality, training and confidence?

If you are ready, remember this: your teammates wont even recognise you after your transformation,

They'll be asking themselves: how did this guy go from being the least confident player to now having the most confidence and being the best player on the team, staying calm in all games, steping up for the deciding penalty, playing like he has aged 3 years mentaly?

But you'll know the answer, when everyone was busy with social media followers, video games and parties, you focused on yourself, building yourself up from the ground up,

And then from seemingly out of nowhere you're the most confident, discplined and motivated player on the team.

So again, are you ready?

This isn't some 3 week program...

This is going to take hard work and training,

But when you make it, you'll realise that it was all worth it.

Here's our Guarantee:

14 day moneyback guarantee

We are so confident that you will find value from this ebook and be able to improve your mentality that we are willing to give you a 100% moneyback guaranatee if you don't like it within 14 days!

Just send an email to our support and we will send you your refund right away! No questions asked!

If you get your Copy today, we'll send you these FREE bonuses too!

These 2 extra guides are included in your purchase for FREE if you purchase today:

#Bonus 1:

Rewire Your Brain for Success

Rewire your Brain for Success - Guide
  • Learn How to break your Bad habits
  • Get More motivation to Train and Push yourself harder everyday (Get 1% better everyday)
  • Become more focused and avoid getting Distracted during training, matches and everyday life
  • Get more time and energy to really focus and do the things that will make you a better player (meditation, training, workout)

#Bonus 2:

Succed at Your Next Trial

Rewire your Brain for Success - Guide
  • Learn how to Prepare for Your next Trial
  • Get into flow state to perform at your best and to your full ability
  • Deal with pre-trial nervousness and anxiety (how to stay calm during these moments)
  • Recover quickly from mistakes that you do during your trial
  • Build the Confidence needed to Make it during the Trial, the scouts will notice this!


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Can I access this ebook offline?

Yes, once purchased you will get a copy of the program that you can access on your device online or offline.

How fast will I see results?

How fast you will see results depends on many factors, such as your current experience and how much effort and time you put in. But generally speaking, you should be able to see some results after the first couple of weeks in the way of an improved mentality. For some people it might be shorter or longer.

Is there a money back guarantee on your ebook?

Yes, we have a 14 day money back guarantee, if you for any reason do not like the program. Just email our support and we will give you a full refund! No questions asked.

I have a question, how do I reach out?

You can always email us at, or visit our contact page for any questions regarding the program or our website.

how much time will I need to spend?

You will only need to spend around 15-30 minutes a day to see real results.

Is there an age limit or recommendation?

No, this program is made to fit everyone. But the earlier you start working on your mental training the better!

What if I don't live in the EU, Canada, Australia or the United States?

We currently only sell to the EU, Canada, Australia and the United States. If you are not from any of these countries or regions we recommend that you sign up to our newsletter where we provide free tips to players from all over the world! Just visit this link and sign up for free!

Got another question?

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*source: Hemery, D., 1986. The Pursuit of Sporting Excellence. London: Collins.