This is why you struggle with decision making…

This is why you struggle with decision making…

Do you struggle to make the right decisions on the field?

Let’s fix that…

Your decision making is influenced by two factors 👇

  1. Your database of skills (in other words your abilities)

  2. Your mental state when performing

Now, chances are if you’ve been playing the game of football for long enough at a high level, the reason for your poor decision-making is the second factor 🧠

You see… when you’re not in the optimal mental state when competing (you’re anxious, fear making mistakes, can’t focus, have low levels of confidence)…

… You become overly analytic of your actions and let your explicit brain system take over, meaning you have to consciously think about all your actions. This disrupts the natural flow and rhythm of your movements.

And as a result, you’re not able to play on autopilot and with instincts like players such as Messi and Neymar.

So what’s the solution? 🤷‍♂️

There are many things that influence your mental state, but here are 4 of solutions:

➡️ Find a pre-game routine that helps you focus, stay calm and confident. The key is to get into an optimal state of arousal before your game.

➡️ Change your perception of the game. Many people fear competition because their brain sees it as a dangerous environment where you could fail, make mistakes, get embarrassed, etc. The key is to use mental training get rid of this.

➡️ Get high levels of confidence. When you’re confident you are able to take more risks, play better under pressure and be more optimistic about you and your abilities. There are many different mental training tools (such as visualization, self-talk, meditation, working on core beliefs) that we teach in the blueprint to help you become a more confident player.

➡️ Use flow triggers. You need to use flow triggers in order to enter a state of flow where you’ll be able to play effortlessly with instincts, be more hungry and motivated. This is the zone of peak performance that many athletes are able to enter during big games.

Master these 4 things and you’ll start having consistent performances!

Stay strong,

Train To Elite

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